scarlson2.jpgscarlson_.jpgBuck, Men, and Spitz Call of the Wild

Brave Cruel

Bold Mean

Fearless Thieves

Friendly Dumb

Loving Nasty

Leader Loud

Buck the St. Bernard, was forced to go and live with two guys and their wolf team. As the story goes on, so does Buck. The more Buck is with the wolves, he becomes more like one. In order to stay warm while they are sleeping, they would dig a hole and climb in. Once he noticed the wolves doing it, he did too. Buck and the wolves kept getting new owners but Buck never really got attached to any of the leaders until he met John Thornton. John saved Buck's life, when Buck was getting slashed by a whip because he was tired and couldn't get up. John only took Buck and the rest of the pack stayed with their leader. Buck became attached to John and John became attached to Buck. They were like best friends. Buck even got John one thousand dollars by pulling one thousand pounds of flour for one hundred yards. Buck did it and everyone was surprised except for John because John new buck could do it from the beginning. Buck saved John's life too. When John was testing out his new boat he and his friends made, the string it was tied to, got pulled way to fast and he flew out of the boat and into the rapid water. Luckily Buck was on red alert and jumped in the water after him and pulled him out. John made it out with only a few cuts and bruises. John, his friends and Buck all went out into the woods. When Buck was out alone in the woods, he met a wolf. Things went rough at first but then they became good friends and Buck called him Nig. Buck was found a herd of deer, a moose, and a bull and Buck tried to get them so he could prove to John that he could help John by him self. When he came back he followed a noise. When he got there, he found an Indean tribe dancing around surounding John, his new wolf friend Nig and John's friends lying on the ground dead. Buck was furiose. He attacked the head chief, tore them up biting. After he went after the rest. All of his friends were now dead.