Keeping cool in middle school
In the beginning of this book there are best friends named Agnes Parker and Prejean Duval that have known each other for a long time and they went all through elementary school together and now they are in the same gym class in middle school. They are very shy not to each other but to the teachers and their other classmates. The one thing that Agnes likes about gym is they get to change their clothes in gym and last year so they love it.

In the middle Prejean wanted to be elected for school president and ever since Prejean has had new friends she has been all sassy and she thinks shes all that and she really isn't and Ashley and Natalie think their all that too because Prejean learned it from them and now they are all sassy and have their own little thing that they are like the queens of 7th grade because they walk up and down the hall ways walking like they know the whole 7th grade. They like to be mean to people and bully them of their style.

In the end Agnes gets a little more out of the box and shes still a little shy but, she gets embarrassed a lot. Prejean doesn't like her as a friend as much as she used to Prejean saids "she has better friends" and no she really doesn't have any "better friends" because she doesn't like Agnes any more and a lot of people liked Agnes but, they don't anymore because Prejean doesn't like her anymore so Ashley and Natalie don't either.