It is new years day for Greg Heffley and Greg has to write resolutions to make him a better person. But Greg thinks he is perfect,so he thinks he should make resolutions for other people to make them a better person. But when he tries he makes it sound rude. When Greg starts a brand new school year he is having a hard time. Greg is having a hard time because he is middle school. In school he has to do a bunch of projects and hes not really doing them because he has to put up with his two brothers Manny and Rodrick. Hes sick of school because his teachers are giving him a hard for the most weirdest things ever! Like one of his teacher is giving him a hard time because some one took her favorite dictionary's,she made everyone lose recess until the book was retruned. Then when they found it,someone was using it for the speling bee.
Then when Greg father is so concerned about Greg playing sports. So he makes Greg play soccer,and does not like play sports. But his dad makes him anyway. Then when he plays soccer, hes not so good. Like when he was little his dad was trying to teach him how to play baseball but that didn't work because he was playing in the flowers. So Greg last game was bad because Greg was playing in the flowers while the other team scored a goal.