Eclipse (1)
All through Bella and Edward's senior year of high school, they keep going back and forth through Bella becoming a vampire or not, Bella and Edward getting married or not, and always watching out for the two vampires on the loose that are trying to kill Bella; Laurent, and Victoria. Bella finds out that her best friend, Jacob Black, is a were-wolf now and Edward doesn't want her to see him because vampires and were-wolves are enemies, but Bella always finds a way to sneak out and see Jacob.
There have been a lot of murders in Seattle, and the Cullen's know that it is a new army of new-born vampires, so they are being extra protective. There was a scent of a vampire in Bella's room, but the Cullen's or Jacob doesn't know who's scent it is.
The end of senior year is coming soon, and Bella and Edward make a deal that after they graduate, Bella will marry Edward and after the wedding Edward will change her into a vampire. Alice plans Bella a graduation party and at the party the wolves come. Alice and the wolves make a plan to form a group together so they have a better chance of winning.
Jasper tells Bella the story of how he was in an army and he was assigned to kill new borns that were not needed any more and were out of control. He finally got away and found Carlisle and became a "vegetarian"; a vampire that doesn't eat humans, just animals. Jasper coaches the others when they practice fighting, because he has all the experience with it, and the wolves come just to see how vampires fight so they can be prepared.
Jacob and Edward make a plan to bring Bella into the mountains so that the vampires hopefully won't find her. When the day of the fight comes, Jacob and Edward bring her to the mountains like
planned but it was FREEZING and Bella was shaking uncontrollably, so Jacob comes in as a space heater and sleeps with Bella because he is always at 101 degrees, but Edward is very jealous of him. Bella finds that she is in love with Jacob after he threatens that he will leave and die because she doesn't love him, so she asks him to kiss her and he does and they are both in love with each other but Bella likes Edward more still.
Edward smells someone familiar coming and gets ready to fight, but only has one other person with him and Bella, Seth, a young wolf.