Eclipse (2)

In another ner death experance cased by Bella's bad luck Bella the Cullen's and Jacod's werewolf pack are faced with a big problem a vampire army is heading stright to Fork's and they all have to unite and fight them. The only problem is they don't know who is running them BUT the biggest problem is that Jacob is in love with Bella and she loves him to more than she thought and that makes saying good bye so much harder for her


Stephenie Meyers the creator of Eclipse was born December 24 1973 in Hartford Connecticut she grew up with 2 sisters and 3 brothers. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelors degree in english. She has three sons Gabe 8 years old Seth 6 years old and Eli 3 years old and a husband Christan Meyers. Stephenie Meyers first novels were Twilight,New moon, Eclipse and Braking dawn of the twilight saga her first book was Forever dawn this piece was written January of 2004 befor she had edited Twilight . She wrote it because she wanted to spend more time with Edward and Bella for the Twilight saga.The epilogue revolved around the minor character Max it was 3100 pages long. Although she only has 4 twilight books out she says we will see more of Edward and Bella

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Bella was a girl quiet and shy but

would not let Edward say good bye

Jocob was in love and wanted her to

but Bella was a friend to one and all

in edwards arms she was brave but

in the end james couldn't be saved

Victoria is a forse to be feared she

want Bella to be seared.


Victoria is an vampire witch she

plans evil spells without a hitch

Her plan of attack was to

kill bella and never look back

Edward could read her thought

so that ruin all her plots

Victoria wanted to stall

but in the end she had to fall