Guardians of Ga'Hoole

Book Six

The Burning

Kathryn Lasky



Soren, Otulissa, Digger, Ruby, Martin, Gylfie, Twilight, Eglantine, and Dewlap left the Great Ga’Hoole Tree to find new members to help in the war. They flew to the Ice Dagger only to know they’re splitting up into three groups. One group’s going to deliver Dewlap and then go to the Glaxian Brothers, another group’s going to find Hoke of Hock and the other’s going to find Moss.
Soren, Twilight, Eglantine, and Digger find Moss and an ice commander named Svall. Otulissa and Gylfie deliver Dewlap, found out how to make cold coals, and found a prince named Cleve. Ruby and Martin find Hoke of Hock and get him to train the nest-maid snakes. But soon after, Gragg, a kielian snake, hears that a war’s coming so decides to tell the Pure Ones.

Soren, Soren flying high
South to north in the blink of an eye.
With the golden battle gloves shining
From their great silver lining.
Learning to fight with ice
Or ice swords to be precise.
Going around looking for new recruits
Only to get salutes.
The feeling must be splendid
For when the war has ended.

Brave, Kind, Dedicated,
Strong, Smart, Leader,



Kludd is the one who pushed Soren out
Kludd is the one who was lied about.
Kludd had joined the Pure Ones,
Only to try to destroy everyone,
With his massive supply of flecks
Which are the sizes of specks.
With his dastardly smile
And his new born child,
He had started a war
Full of hatred and gore.
With Kludd acting out
He is evil know doubt.

Evil, Leader, Savage,
Killer, Smart, Father,