external image gpharris.jpg Harris and Me

Harris and John plan to have a party and you are invited!

John came to the farm knowing nothing about farm life. He was always doing stuff wrong and ticking Harris off. Harris and John had just ate breakfast and they were on their way to the barn and John walked right behind Vivian, the largest cow on the farm Vivian was scared and she kicked, hitting John in the head and groin.

John and Harris went to town and saw the Gene Aurty movies. When they got home they would try the stunts they saw in the movie. They read Tarzan comics then tried to swing like Tarzan with old rope. Harris took the motor off the washing machine and strapped it to a bike. John was getting used to farm life and he was pretty familiar with daily routine. Overall they had a good summer, maybe there ideas weren't the safest but they survived.

You are invited to a party with Harris and John!!

Where: On the roof of the granary.

When: Next time the parents go to town

There will be: Steak,chips,bacon,salad,mud pie, and Ice cream.

There will be games: Like pin the tail on vivian, pig wrestling, and Tarzan swinging

You should bring: A change of clothes for the games are messy.

For entertainment there will be: Music, videos games, and Harris will pee on the electric fence again and fireworks.