deaddog.jpgIs That a Dead Dog in Your Locker

In the beginning there are three brothers, TJ, Wade and Leyton. Leyton was handsome and had buff shoulders, but he wasn't very smart. Wade was very small and he didn't have good looks, but he could make up for it because he is very smart. They called themselves the Tardy Boys. The Tardy Boys have two friends Allen and Daisy.

Daisy told Wade and Leyton that she had to take care of a dog named Wheezy. Since the Tardy Boys are always tardy, Daisy asked Wade and Leyton if they could skip school today. They sadly said, "No we can't." Daisy said, "Why not?" "Because," Wade said, "I have a debate today and my teacher says I can't skip the debate anymore or I will face the awful fate of Flunkdom."

So Daisy has to bring Wheezy to school, but if she gets caught she could be expelled. They all got to school and saw Fibby. Fibby is the reason why dogs aren't allowed in school. Fibby is allergic to fur. Then they saw Assistant Principal Snout. Mr. Snout is like a gem freak. He always wears blue latex gloves, yellow ear plugs and a breathing mask like surgens do. Standing next to Mr. Snout was Fibby's mom. Fibby's mom is always worried about Fibby. If Fibby's allergies start to act up her mom would come to help her. Instead of carrying around a purse like regular mothers do, Fibby's mother carries a medical kit. Even if Fibby just sneezes her mom will come and wipe her nose with a tissue.

When Daisy got into the school she put Wheezy in her locker. She told the Tardy Boys that after two class periods they would take Wheezy outside so he could do his business. They were about to go inside but the door was locked. They saw a smile, it was Barton Slugg. Barton was the smelliest kid in school. Where ever Barton went he left a trail of green slime.

Todd Strasser was born in New York City on May5,1950. Todd went to the I.U. Willets Elementary School and then attended the Wheatley School for junior high and high school. His best subjects were math and science. He also liked to read,but he had trouble with spelling and grammar,and diddn't do well in English. His favorite sports were tennis,skiing and fishing. Todd Strasser has published more than 100 books.

In 1978 Todd sold his first novel,Angel Dust Blues. Todd now divides his time between writing books and speaking at schools and conferences. When he's at home, he likes to spend time with his children and his dog,Mac. He still likes to fish,ply tennis and skiing,but his favorite new sport is surfing. In 1993 Todd wrote Help! I'm trapped in my teacher's body. since then he has written 16 more Help! I'm trapped books,as well as several other series

Todd Strasser has wrote a lot of books such as If I Grow Up,Boot Camp,How I Changed My Life,Mob Princess,Nighttime,The Tardy Boys,Kidnap Kids,Drift-X,Can't Get There From Here,Give A Boy A Gun,Impact Zone,The Diving Bell,The Accident,Con-fidence,Help! I'm Trapped,and The Wave. Each yea Todd speaks at many elementary,middle,and high schools. He presents powerpoint assemblies,and conducts enriching writing work shops for students in grades 3 and up. Todd can only be invited by a teacher,libraian,school administrator,or a parent involved in school activities.