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One day sometime in World War 2 the island of Curacao gets invaded.So no supplise can get in or out and Phillips mom gets fed up with waiting for the Americans to help.So Phillip and his mom get on a boat to America.It was fine for the first few days until their boat gets sunk by German U-boats and Phillip gets knocked out.When he wakes up hes on a small raft with a cat and a black guy.Then on the boat after looking at the sun too long Phillip goes blind.Then after arriving on a small cay Phillip stops thinking wars a game but real life.

Timothy this song connects with the book The Cay because it made on an island and thats where The Cay was and when dies Phillip need reassuring like this song.

Embedded Music:"Three Little Birds" ┬ęBob Marley and the Wailers, 1977