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The Good Dog By Avi

Mckinly, the main dog in the story is trying to help Duchess a dog that ran away from home
because her owner Mr. Phycraft was vary mean to her every time she lost a dog race. After her last dog race Mr. Phycraft was especialy mean to her and Duchess ran away. Mr Phycraft posted signs all over the place. The signs said that he would pay a $200 reward for finding his dog. The Sullivans and their dog, Redburn, were determined that they were going to sniff out Duchess and get the reward. Mckinly knows he can not let that happen, but there is one problem. He needs to protect his owner Jack from a wolf named Lupin. When Jack sees Lupin he decides he wants to go live with the her but only for a day. Lupin's pack is depleting and she is asking Mckinly and his pack to join her and be free