Elena has just come back from France and has a bad feeling. When Elena walks out of the house she throws a rock at a crow because its eyes seem to be frozen on her. She was just about to walk inside her school when a car pulls up with a new kid, being the queen of the school Elena had to have him. After school Stefan went to his house and could not stop thinking how Elena reminded him of a lost love. After school Elena ran to the cemetery and found her mom and dad's tombstones then she cried. At the Homecoming dance Elena found out Caroline *her ex best friend* and Stefan were dating. Elena went over and hung out with Tyler and after the dance, they both went to the cemetery.
At the cemetery Tyler began to kiss Elena, Stefan came and began to beat up Tyler. Stefan took Elena to his house, when they got to his house they began to argue then they kissed, then Stefan brought Elena home. Elena, Meredirth and Bonnie were at the school gym designing the Haunted House when the lights went out Bonnie and Meredirth went to look for help Elena stayed. While Elena was waiting, a teenage boy came in they were about to kiss when she left. It was the night of the haunted house so Elena went she began to show guest around and when she got to the druid sacrifice room Mr. Tanner *the druid sacrifice was not moving as if he was dead.