Tony Hawk Professional Skateboarder

When Tony Hawk was a little kid he use to be a brat. Like when his parents didn't buy him what he wanted to eat or have. When that happened he would throw a giant tantrum. Now, I don't mean a little tantrum like kicking & screaming, his were violent. He would throw stuff and hit his parents etc...After awhile he would get exactly what he wanted. As he grow up he started to get interested in skateboarding. After awhile of doing that he became more responsible because his dad wouldn't let him go skating without his homework done.

When Tony was around 14 he was accepted into a skateboarding group. He didn't win the first contest because he was so nervous. But he worked up some confidence and practiced a lot and won the second contested. He wasn't known for his skateboarding, actually he was the kid that always got picked on at school. As Tony got older and began to skateboard more he got better at controlling his anger because when he got angry he would go outside and skate for a little while. The park that he went to was called Del Mar Skate park. So after all I guess you could say that skating improved his life a little.

When Tony was in his twenty's him and his friend started to think that they were to old to skate so they quit their old team and they stared a new one. They called it the Birdhouse. On their first tour about 2 weeks in Tony tried doing a big trick and didn't land it fell on his ankles. But he loved skating so much that he kept skating until the end of the tour. When he got home he iced his ankles and within about 4 weeks his ankles got better and the swelling went down.