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Standard: "Novel" Ideas for Your Celebrations

You must complete 3 bluestar.jpg's to meet the comprehension criteria of this project! YOU MUST COMPLETE #1.

1.bluestar.jpgCreate a summary of your book...without giving the "end" away!

2.bluestar.jpgCreate a new book cover, scan it into your wiki.

3.bluestar.jpgResearch your book's author and other titles (s)he has written. Add a photo clip on the biography.

4.bluestar.jpgFind a theme song and attach it to play with one of the above submissions. Include the title and musician as well as how the song connects to your story.

5.bluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgCreate 2 portraits. one, of the main character, the other of the antagonist. Make a list of their traits in column form. Use what yo know to create a poem(s) dedicated to each character. Scan your portraits into your wiki. Add voice or background sound to your poem.

6.bluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgParty Planner-- Plan a party for your book characters. Create the theme and use it in the invitation. What kind of party will it be? What will the characters be served? How should they dress? What entertainment will there be? Design the menu. Use connections to your book for each of the above...and share them with your celebration.

7.bluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgBREAKING NEWS: create a video using the conflicts and interviewing characters regarding how they perceive the conflicts. You must include 3 updates! You must base your news and interviews on the events in your book!

8.bluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgBefore and After Comic strips---Create a PROLOGUE to go along with your story. This should be before your comic strip or power point slide...include at least 8 comics to tell your must include dialogue bubbles. Create an tell the rest of the story. You may want to include sound for background effects.

9.bluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgTravel Agent: Create a travel poster to the settings in your story. Add a map and some landscape close-ups. You may create the venues or locate appropriate sites from the internet. Ex. Castles, deep woods, lakes and rivers. Use color and add background voice or music.

10.bluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgbluestar.jpgCOME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEA AND GET IT APPROVED BY THE TEACHER!!!!!!